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Pitbull is a very active race with an energy that is not usually found in other races. In addition, the unburned energy in a dog can be dangerous, because it appears in unexpected ways.

Of course, if your dog is a Pitbull, you can not let that happen: you must keep their body and mind healthy to burn that excess energy.

Here are some tips on how to exercise a pitbull. Remember that it is important to have fresh water and a place of shade during all sessions.

1. Running

Running is one of the basic canine sports to work on endurance and keep dog musculature in tune. Running has many benefits to improve health, as it helps to accelerate metabolism, improve cartilage or regenerate muscle.

It is recommended to start exercising the dog on the flat ground, but later on, it can increase the difficulty, either in the sand of the beach or with the ascent of slopes.

At the beginning we will run short running sessions, from 5 to 10 minutes at the most, stimulating the dog and motivating him to associate this activity in a positive way.

Later we can increase the training time, always taking into account the level of fatigue of the dog, its resistance or predisposition towards exercise. It must be done very gradually.

Finally, it should be mentioned that during the exercise the dog must have a comfortable and suitable equipment.

2. Ball and fresee

Ball games and frisbee are highly recommended as they stimulate reflexes, mobility and help you practice collecting objects. Teaching our dog to fetch and bring the ball is not a complicated exercise and in return, it offers us hours of fun.

Due to the powerful jaw that pitbull dogs possess it will be highly recommended to bet on a very strong frisbee as well as a hard and resistant ball as well.

It is very important to carry out this exercise without overexciting the dog, since an overstimulation can cause a negative increase in stress (distress), making this game an obsessive activity for him.

3. Throw and loose

Unlike other exercises that consist of capturing without loosing, the pull is a much more positive activity because it allows us to work the “leaves”, that is, to teach the dog to drop objects. We can use a bite- type toy or knot that we grab on both sides, while the dog nibbles in the center.

It is very important that during the practice of this game we let you win sometimes, but at other times we must be the ones who win, something fundamental to prevent the protection of resources.

It is normal for some dogs to grunt during the game, as a fun, however, if it acquires a hostile attitude and marks us, we must finish the game and withdraw the toy with caution (negative punishment: withdrawal of a desired stimulus before an unwanted behavior) and work the “quit” before re-practicing it.

4. Swimming

Swimming is an excellent exercise and very complete if the dog has correctly associated the water since it allows us to work the muscles up to 6 times more than with other sports. If the dog is afraid of water we must work beforehand a positive association, we should never throw it directly to swim since we could create a trauma.

Swimming helps your body gain elasticity and mobility, improves joints and flexibility, and is great for overweight dogs as the impact of the sport is not as aggressive as running.

5. Obstacles

Agility is a complete sport that stimulates the mind and body of the dog. Although more aggressive races such as the Border Collie or the Australian Shepherd, in this competitive sport, the pitbull can perform all tasks in an excellent way if he is trained on a regular basis.

The Agility circuit, whether homemade or in a center, offers the possibility of stimulating the muscles of different parts of the body, whether by jump fences, tunnel, slalom, walkways or wheels. There are many possibilities.

As it is a minimally complex route, the dog must learn how to overcome the different obstacles alongside its owner, which helps him to keep his mind active and follow the orders of his guide, an excellent way to improve our bond and rapport.

Apart from physical exercise, you should not forget the importance of stimulating the mind and the smell of your pit bull terrier dog.


  • Go to the vet every 6 months to ensure good health.
  • Do sessions of 30 or 60 minutes maximum, always assessing the welfare of the dog.
  • Remember the calorie needs of a dog, exercising daily are greater.
  • Do not practice intense exercise with a puppy, could cause different health problems.

flashlightOutdoor stores offer a large number of different lamps and sometimes the choice can prove difficult. Here are some indications and choices made by the team based on our personal experiences and questions from our visitors. Of course, you can always contact them by email to ask for personalized advice.

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plumberTip number one: choose the best plumber you have in the area. There are plumbers who have only reached the level of an apprentice, there are also tradesmen, and there are also official plumbing teachers. Keep in mind, when choosing your company, that the journeyman plumber is the ideal choice since he has more years of experience, and this will translate into better results.

Tip number two: On the Internet or in Yellow Pages. Today, all kinds of jobs and services are advertised online, and you can find your next plumber using only the internet. If you are more traditional, turn to the Yellow Pages that you have stored in your living room, because surely it will include several workers in your list of plumbing.

Tip number three: ask others. Ask, ask and ask friends, teachers, classmates, neighbors. Surely more than one of the people you have around you have met the plumber who you want to call, and you can have the same fate as them.  This is especially true in smaller towns and cities.  If you were looking for a company in a big city like Charlotte plumbers for example then it would be harder to decide if they are any good.

Tip number four: avoid additional expenses. Typical of plumbing companies, is they usually require additional payments that will be quite heavy to your pocket.

Tip number five: Ask how much it will cost you. Before agreeing to work with the plumber you have chosen, ask for the budget first and make sure you know, for sure, how much the repair or repairs will cost you. This way you will avoid last minute surprises.